Warranty Policy

Product Item Comprehensive Warranty Extended Warranty Dead on Arrival (DOA Period) Transit damage (TD) Period
TV LED TV 1 Year 1 Year on Panel. Applicable on all Android & Google TV’s. 30 days 30 days
Washing Machine Semi Automatic 2 Years 3 Years on Wash Motor - Semi Automatic
8 Years on Motor - Fully Automatic
30 days 30 days

Important Notes :

  • The Warranty Period is effective from the date of purchase of the product mentioned on the original purchase invoice.
  • Warranty Card to be duly filled and bears the rubber stamp, date, and signature of the authorized dealer to avail the warranty service.
  • Warranty is applicable only for the functional parts. It is not valid for the Aesthetical /Plastic Parts.
  • Warranty on Remote is 6 months from Date of Purchase. (No warranty on Battery)
  • Additional 1 year panel warranty is applicable only on Android & Google TV’s.
  • Product Item Warranty Service Type Service Support Warranty Validation
    Mobile Phone Device 12 months Repair Walk-in POP Document
    Battery/Charger/Data cable 6 months Replacement Walk-in POP Document
    USB Cable Device 6 months Replacement Walk-in POP Document
    Charger Device 6 months Replacement Walk-in POP Document
    Power Bank Device 6 months Repair Walk-in POP Document

    Warranty Terms & Conditions

    1. The limited warranty extends only to the First Purchaser (Consumer) of the product and is not assignable or transferable to any other consumer.
    2. To avail the limited warranty coverage / benefits, the Consumer must visit / deliver the subject under product warranty coverage / benefits to the Authorized Service Centre.
    3. The Consumer will bear the transportation, delivery and handling charges incurred to visit / deliver the product to and from the Authorized Service Centre.
    4. The Consumer must produce the original Warranty Card and Invoice (hereinafter to be referred as Proof of Purchase/POP), having legible mention of the dealer’s sign, date and seal, product model number, serial number so as to establish the validity of the warranty period.
    5. During the limited warranty period, the Company or its Authorized Service Centre may repair or replace at the Company’s option, any defective unit or parts thereof with new or factory rebuilt replacement items, and return the product to the Consumer in working condition without any charges towards the part(s) and/or workmanship / labour.
    6. All replaced parts, boards or equipment shall become the property of the Company.
    7. Repaired/replaced product / parts will be covered under warranty for the balance of the original warranty period.
    8. The external housing and cosmetic parts is free from defects at the time of purchase of the product but are susceptible to worn out with usage behaviour, therefore shall not be covered under the limited warranty terms.
    9. The limited warranty coverage to Consumer shall cease and no longer be available under any of the following conditions:
      • In case of incomplete Proof of Purchase, i.e. illegible dealer’s seal, dealer’s sign missing and/or illegible purchase date, product model or serial number.
      • The product serial number have been removed, defaced or altered or not matching with the Warranty Card and Invoice/Cash Memo.
      • The product is subject to use in a manner not according to instructions given in the User / Instruction Manual, mishandled, misused, improper storage, exposure to moisture / dampness/temperature/heat/fire or other such hazardous environmental conditions, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized repair including but not limited to the use of unauthorized spare parts in repairs, Acts of God, spilling of foods or liquids, maladjustments to Consumer controls or other acts which are beyond the resource / controls of the Company, and defects that arise not due to normal wear and tear of the product.
      • The Consumer did not approach the Company or its Authorized Service Centre about the alleged defect or malfunction of the product during the applicable limited warranty period.
      • The product was used with or connected to the accessory or used / updated with software which was not supplied or authorized by Company.
      • Performance variations arising due to passage of time, sustained usage, climatic conditions and exposure to extreme temperature.
      • Any external particle/object like water, dust, soil, etc entering the product or damaging its physical properties.
    10. The Consumer will be billed for any parts and / or workmanship / labor charges that are not covered under this limited warranty.
    11. All warranty information, product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    12. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of New Delhi only. .

    Customer Care number: 1860 500 1492

    Customer Care Email ID: support@jainaindia.com

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